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Hannibal Lecter - s01e02

 Look, none of my ideas will ever make the movie, so I can just tell you all of them. It will never be a spoiler. But I know that in the comic Gamora and Iron Man, they have hooked up and how does Peter Quill feel about that? Chris Pratt Wants To Kill Iron Man



Boromir cuddling Hobbits because why not.

            (via goodshipophelia)

boromir’s character makes me so sad, because honestly, he was one of the most caring in the fellowship. he understood their mission and wanted to get it done as successfully as possible, but he wanted what was best for everyone with them as well. he felt the need to care for all the hobbits, not just frodo. and when he made a mistake, it destroyed him. he saw that he was weak and that he nearly ruined everything. and he died trying to make that right. boromir is the best.

Чёрный ворон, чёрный ворон,
Что ж ты вьёшься надо мной,
Ты добычи не дождёшься,
Чёрный ворон, я не твой


It’s only your first comic con, Benedict. And there’s already so many dick jokes.


my mom just came into my room and noticed my desktop background and said

“oh that’s so cute i think i recognize it from somewhere did you draw that when you were younger?”